Title: A Minute Past

Artist: Monty Python

Played: 510 times

The Last King of Scotland (UK - Germany - USA, 2006)


Jimmy did a livestream to the Monty Python reunion in London!

Random muttering…Gumbies are speaking here.

Bill, what kind of sister would Kristen make?

Hader: A great sister. We kind of already have that relationship. When we get around each other, we’re just super-goofy. Yesterday we were on a plane together and we just sat and chatted. But then you can be like, “Okay, I’m gonna watch a movie now. Bye!”
Wiig: But then I tap him on the shoulder, like, “What are you going to have for breakfast?
Hader: “I’m going to have the turkey bacon quiche, ‘cause I don’t like my stomach.”


Terry Gilliam will be here tonight!


Eric is so sweet on twitter omg

I want to hold him and never let go


Bowie chilling backstage in his underwear

With Ringo. Dont forget Ringo.



okay but

how hot was Terry Jones in the dirty vicar sketch

I mean


Ralph Fiennes as Gustave H in The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)