Moon (UK, 2009)


Steal their style - 1976 era David Bowie

White T Shirt - £5

Ginger hair dye - £20

Cocaine - £1,000


If you’re picky about cosplaying your body type, then you’ll love this guy!


I got very angry once myself. I had to be the ‘mud-eater’ for eight takes. The mud-eater was this character who had to crawl across the mud as John and Graham were coming through the village at the beginning and I had to go up and eat this mud. It was really a shot for those two, but I dutifully did my bit, crawled through this filthy, stinking, pig-shitty mud and they said they wanted to do take eight. John went, ‘Why, what the hell was going on?’ To which someone said, ‘Well, you were fine, but we can see Mike’s back.’ That’s when I just went, ‘What?You can see my back, what have you been doing all this time?’ And I went absolutely ape and threw myself in the air, landed in the mud and just wiggled my legs around, screamed and yelled for about five seconds. There was absolute silence and then John and Graham just led this spontaneous applause.
- Michael Palin
Michael had a hilarious outburst in that scene with the mud. I thought it was very good.
- John Cleese


Jimmy Fallon and Robert Plant loop their voices on an iPad and make a 2-man a cappella group!


This never gets old.


jesus, take the wheel. now put it in first - no, put the clutch in and - jesus, what the fuck, you said you could drive stick